Short-Term Rental Problem for HOAs: Some Communities Have Resorted to Private Investigators

20 Apr, 2018

Condominium associations and HOAs throughout South Florida as well as across the country are seeking effective responses to the problem of short-term rentals that are in...
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Creating A New Code Of Conduct – When Is It A Good Time?

3 Apr, 2018

It has always been the obligation of Board members to serve for the benefit of the entire community. Doing so requires that they carry out their duties in good faith with the...
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How to Approach Disagreements With Your Community or Homeowner’s Association

26 Mar, 2018

When you purchase a property in a community that’s governed by a homeowners’ association (HOA), you agree to abide by its rules. If for example, you bought a newly built...
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How to Avoid the Difficult Aspects of Living in an HOA

26 Feb, 2018

Roughly 66 million Americans live in common interest communities such as Homeowners’ Associations, Condominium Associations, retirement communities, vacation timeshares, and...
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