What is that noise? Is that a drone?

25 Jul, 2017

Drones are everywhere. The government uses drones, uses drones, weather forecasters use drones, and now even homeowners use drones. The question then becomes what, if...
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The Benefits of On-Site Community Management

12 Jul, 2017

The differences in on-site community management vary as greatly as the number of communities in the U.S. Most manager training consists of the fundamental community association...
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cpa benefits florida hoa

What is the role of a CPA in a Homeowners Association (HOA) ?

6 Jul, 2017

Both board members and homeowners have an interest in the money end of an HOA’s business. After all, it’s the owners who have to pay higher fees when the homeowners association...
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hoa communication florida

Poor Communication Causes Most Problems For HOAs in Florida

5 Jul, 2017

Most interpersonal issues stem from miscommunication. This is especially true in the business world – communication is the bedrock of every successful relationship. The same...
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