How to Train New Board Members for your HOA

5 Feb, 2018

A condo or homeowner’s association is the cornerstone of a building community. The condominium of HOA maintains order and continuity by preserving architectural integrity,...
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How to Approach the Rebuilding Process After a Hurricane

29 Nov, 2017

After the devastating effect of Hurricane Irma, most associations have likely made progress in making temporary repairs to damaged communities. This week’s column will focus...
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Plan In Advance: How Associations Can Improve Their Response To Disasters

30 Oct, 2017

It’s almost been two months since Hurricane Irma devastated the southeast United States. While it certainly could have been far worse for Southwest Florida, many community...
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New Florida HOA Laws: Board Member Term Limits

2 Oct, 2017

Among the major changes to Florida’s condominium laws in 2017 is a new provision mandating term limits for board members. The new legislation marks a significant departure...
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